Pan World Pump PW-N Serie

Pan world PW-N Series

Self-priming industrial pumps for chemicals. Derived from the PW series. For general industry, unloading of tank trucks, transfer from negative tank underground.

• Construction Materials: PPG or PVDF

• Fittings: Threaded NPT or BSP, DIN or ANSI Flanges

• Flow rate (50Hz) up to 600 L/min and total discharge head of 30 m.

• Max suction lift head up to 4 m.


Surface Treatment(PCB Equipment, Etching Equipment, Solar Equipment, LED Equipment), Filter, Chemical, Eelctricostatic Plating, Water Treatment, Chemical Processing, Food Processing, Scrubber, Environmental Protector, Chemical Transfer, Microchip Manufacturing, Semi-Conductor, Salt Industry, Battery Industry, Laboratory Application, Paper Industry, Pharmaceutical

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